Thee Bomb - Natural, Luxury, Unisex Lip Balm, Treatment & Protectant was made to provide a truly natural lip treatment that actually works. Each and every ingredient was carefully selected to only include those that promote healthy and supple lips. Our main concern is to provide the finest quality lip balm with zero compromise to the health, well-being and longevity of our customers.

Lip balm users ingest approximately half a pound of lip products each year. Furthermore, many lip products contain chemicals and ingredients that not only cause health problems, but also dry lips rather than moisturize. It's no wonder why moist lip balms need to be constantly applied in order for your lips to feel (instead of actually be) moisturized.

At Thee Cosmetics, we are not only concerned about the well-being of our customers, but also for the well-being of the less fortunate who live in poverty all around the world. That is why 10% of your purchase helps fund medical and dental services for impoverished communities in countries across the globe.

If that isn't enough, all orders receive free worldwide shipping and returns.